Gone til November

I've decided to step away from music for a while and focus on myself. This summer has been extremely busy, i'm on that day to day working grind thing, and to be honest i'm enjoying the hell out of it! Change is good and did i ever need it.

Music became something i had to do to get by and i wasn't enjoying it at all i lost the passion for it and we all need something to focus on that we are passionate about or we get lost. I was lost. 

I also decided to step away from social media, well, except Instagram you can still find me on there sharing mostly pictures of my kids. That's what life is about to me my daughters the family life and i was wasting too much time on social media obsessing over how many views, likes, comments i can get until i realized how pointless it all really was. You know scrolling through your facebook feed reading the same sh** over and over. People posting their pretend fb life for the world to see and you think to yourself "why am i even looking at this?".... Yea, that. I got tired of it, deleted the apps, put my phone down and did something constructive with my time. 
I find my mind free from all the useless bs. I'm reading more, i workout 6 days a week, i'm doing all the little things i never used to do. I'm in the best shape of my life both physically and mentally. 

I'll get back to music eventually, but for now i will continue to focus on becoming a better me for my family for my fans for the music. 

See you soon...

- Gone til November